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Boston Jack






It's December 21 2014 and members from ITWM and CITW doing what we do best, outreaching at Celabration Church. We are all enjoying a 6pm Christmas play, it was a beautiful "bike" day and a good evening to ride too
7:10 and the phone rings after the play and praying everyone rides home with God's hand of protection over them, it's the local Police Chief saying there's an accident just down the road from the Church and his services as a Pastor are needed if he's available.
The Pastor had asked that all prayer partners follow him down the road and for those that needed to go to work early to avoid going west from the Church.
Arriving just minutes later, he noticed a brother/son with the Ministry off to the side and realize we are close to his house making my way to him and looking at a pile of metal obviously a car in the ditch.
This brother with the Ministry as I got closer to him was dishoveled and in great spiritual pain, he blurted out "Help me, Help her!!! it's Deborah!!! I looked at this wrinkled up pile of metal back in the ditch again and put it together. This Brother's/SON'S wife had just left the same Church I came from after watching the play she scooted out a little early.
This Brother heard the wreck, got up and went after his cell phone and walked up to the end of the driveway/street. He got up there and that Police Chief on scene who witnessed the accident saw Jack and went over to him stating the Woman in the car is wearing an In The Wind Ministry Vest, could or would he be able to identify her.
This brother walked along the street/ditch and was only 10 feet away from the wreckage when he dropped to his knees knowing this crumpled twisted wreckage was a car he's driven many times and it was his wife's car!
1st responders are keeping everyone back, no need for the jaws of life though as the doors got blown open, Deborah does call out once or twice for her husband with the nurse who witnessed the accident and was on scene also. She's Alive Praise the Lord! Jack goes over to let Deboarah know that he's here for her and Deborah goes back into unconsciousness with the nurse saying "get back!"

Fast forward a week, Deborah is still in and out of consciousness, she has suffered swelling of the brain being rearended at 60mph in her car, bleeding on the brain has subsided, Deborah is spending time with God not just discussing her healing but something much more!

God was spending time with Deborah teaching her how to spread his word as she has been in Bible college for the last 2 1/2 years earning 85 out of the 125 credits needed for he Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies.

Today I had the honor of passing this Daughter her Graduation Certificate and Ordination Certificate less than 2 months from when Satan tried to take her from us!
Pastor T