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When I first started ITWM I was asked to do a bike blessing at a local event. I wanted to leave each rider with something special as a reminder that their bike had been blessed. So I went out into my work shop and made the wooden Cross. The Lord spoke to my heart that as I build each cross to pray for the person who would receiving these crosses. I added the Black, Red, White and Blue beads for a witnessing tool. At first I was the only one building crosses, but as men and women joined ITWM they begin to build them by the 100's then 1000's. We have passed out these crosses to bikers, auto clubs, put them on wheel chairs and left them to people we prayed with in the hospital as symbol of faith. Over the past couple of years we have passed out over 5,000 crosses and the number grows daily.      

The Meaning of the Beads As I said the beads were placed on the crosses as a witnessing tool.

The Black Bead - is for Sin, the Scripture says "for all have sinned..." that means each and every one of us has done something wrong, no one is without sin. Scripture teaches "the wages of sin is death..." or separation from God. Our sin has separated us from God.

The Red Bead - is for the blood of Jesus that was shed upon the cross of Calvary. Scripture says "without the shedding of blood, their is no remission for sin". Our sin can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

The White Bead - is for the cleansing and forgiveness that we can receive, when we accept what Jesus did on the cross for us. Scripture teaches that our sinful lives can be washed in His cleansing blood and be "white as snow". No matter what we have done, Jesus can, will forgive us.

The Blue Bead - is the promises of God. The promise that He loves us, the promise that He will forgive us, the promise that He will protect us and the promise that he will save us and give us eternal life.